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10 Classical Baroque Operas You Need to Know

Baroque opera was something of Holy Grail in the 1600-1750 Western Europe art scenes. And for good reason; these performances brought together the allure of music, dramatic text, and much more for an opera experience that’ll simply knock your socks off. Four or so centuries later, baroque opera is still all the rage in major [Continue]


The most well known baroque music pieces of the period

Before the classical period started, baroque music had been written in many forms by a multitude of composers over the course of almost 150 years. The music of this period seems to be more popular today than it was 400 years ago thanks to the endless catalog of music from composers and creators from all [Continue]


Baroque opera and its characteristics

  The Baroque period is the period in which the orchestra came into being; opera became hugely successful and the concerto allowed soloists the opportunity to show off their prowess.  The period started in the early 1600s and it did not start to die off until the 1700s when the Classical period started to replace [Continue]