About Us

The Seattle Academy of Baroque Opera is a program dedicated to preparing musicians for a career in baroque opera performance. Founded by Stephen Stubbs, the program will be tailored to meet the requirements of individual singers and instrumentalists.

The core faculty includes:
Stephen Stubbs: musical coaching / continuo
Nancy Zylstra: vocal coaching
Anna Mansbridge: baroque dance, gesture and movement
Margriet Tindemans: viola da gamba / continuo
Maxine Eilander: baroque harps / continuo

In discussion with participants and faculty of the first two editions of L’Accademia d’Amore in Seattle, we came to recognize the need for ongoing education in the field of baroque opera for both singers and continuo players. Our concept to meet this need will now make its debut in the form of three weekend workshops through the 2006-2007 season. Unlike the Accademia, which has on the order of 40-50 participants, these events are designed for a smaller group that should allow for more in-depth work in each area and allow for work on repertoire that the singers themselves can bring or select.