How to Load up When Using a Man with a Van Service

You have already packed up your items ready for the move. Here comes the man with a van service. You start loading up only to realise that after 3 hours of huffing and puffing, the items cannot fit in the van. The most likely explanation is that you have loaded up the wrong way.  It is not uncommon to see people loading and unloading a moving van 2 or 3 times before they get it right. How can you do it right the first time?


  • Ensure the loading ramp is secure by walking on it.
  • Load the heavy boxes first. These include those carrying heavy compact items like books which can make a good base for placing other items. Use a dolly to wheel them inside. Wheel the dolly up with one person pulling from the front while one or two other persons push it up the loading ramp. Do not make sudden movements and go up one ramp at a time.
  • Stack the boxes vertically starting at the back end of the van moving towards the door. Each stack should carry at least 3 boxes with the heaviest at the bottom and decreasing loads going up.
  • Heavy and bulky furniture items like the sofa, desks and dismantled bed frames can also be used as bases for stacking lighter boxes. Protect them by laying bubble wrap or blankets on the floor before placing them. Immobilise and secure all packing boxes using strong straps or twine. This prevents the boxes sliding about in the van which could imbalance it when cornering. Load the heaviest and most bulky appliances last towards the door. These include the washing machine, refrigerator, cooking stove, dryer etc. Be careful when stacking on these appliances as some are mere shells that cannot hold a lot of weight. These appliances should be secured tightly.
  • Ensure to pad empty spaces between the packing boxes with shock absorbent material for example old blankets or rugs. This prevents rattling and sliding in the van. When all the loading is done, put an old duvet or mattress between the door and the boxes to prevent the boxes sliding towards the door on steep inclines. The good thing is that a man with a van service gives you an extra pair of hands to lift and eyes to observe and make suggestions. In most cases, you will do very little lifting as the man with a van is a pro in loading and unloading and he can make good judgement in space allocation.



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