Identifying and resolving conflict in flatshare arrangements

How to resolve conflicts when in Flatshare Manchester

The focus of a tenant at all times is to have their property fully occupied. With luck, you get a family that is large and able to afford to pay for an entire flat. Sometimes, however, the concept of flat share must be considered. Choosing to flat share is as good as any other source of income and property owners would feel even more secure because the flat is never totally vacant at any one time. Besides the convenience, there is also the reality that conflicts among tenants will be common. As a landlord, think about the possible types of conflicts and best solutions for them when they arise. Some situations that should be handled carefully are communications regarding an increase of rent, withholding of deposit money to cater for damages, the addition of a new flatmate. If these scenarios are not handled with consideration of the interests of the tenant and landlord, a serious conflict could arise.

As a landlord, dealing with dissatisfied tenants and in a group means that the likelihood of facing a formal dispute is high. As a rule, all communication that concerns the main parties to an agreement must be handled when everyone is present. Potential solutions are as below;

Maintain open dialogue as a preventive way of dealing with housing matters and in all cases, keep formal documents as proof of engagement.

When a tenant is unable to come up with their rent share, try to guide them on ways of overcoming their current financial troubles. This will however only be possible if the tenant-landlord relationship was nurtured from the start. There should be a foundation of mutual respect and trust among all involved.

It is common for landlords to assume that tenants are aware but choose to ignore the content of the tenant agreement. While this may be true in some instances, tenants should be granted the benefit of the doubt at all times. Remind them to clean out in the event of moving out or an approaching rent payment deadline. This way, the tenant not only feels respected but the landlord has proof of goodwill for future reference.

The worst case scenario would be when one of Flatshare Manchester tenants is difficult and no effort at resolving conflict has borne any fruit. First tier tribunals which are independent conflict resolution avenues are open to both tenants and property owners should be involved and so should attorneys who have experience of handling rental disputes.


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